Arkose Buildcom Pvt. Ltd. is at your doorstep to serve you with the best architects and engineers to build your dream into reality with our services in Architecture, Construction, Interior Designing, Project Planning, etc.

Arkose Buildcom Architecture


A perfect Architecture Design customizes your residential or commercial building exactly as you want. Arkose Buildcom has a team of senior architects with 10+ years of experience. We are constructing, designing and devising buildings that are more functional, aesthetical and long lasting. The architects of Arkose Buildcom have architected 550+ projects with 100% clients satisfaction . We work with spaces and elements to create a coherent and functional structure. Let's design your dream place with our best architects and engineers of Arkose Buildcom. For your better understanding we are simplifying the word Architecture which is a general term to describe the physical structures of buildings and other objects.

Arkose Buildcom Building Plan Approval

Building Plan Approval

The building plan needs to go through various levels of approvals from government personnel which become very lengthy and time consuming. Rather than involving our clients in this annoying process, Arkose Buildcom helps you in approving the plans. We are here to provide you approvals of your plans without involving you in those time taking processes. Arkose Buildcom returns you the peace of mind that we help you for all approvals related to your property and project. For any building construction, the builder will need to have a set of approvals from government departments as well as sanctions from all the authorities concerned and our team will always ready without wasting the time and resources.

Arkose Buildcom Construction And Civil Work

Construction And Civil Work

Arkose Buildcom works in all the three areas of construction - buildings, infrastructure and industrial, and building construction can be again divided into residential buildings and commercial buildings. Construction and civil work are required a lot of hard work and dedication. Arkose Buildcom as a team ensure that you will not face burden on your head during your site construction. Civil works mean maintenance, design and construction of roads, railways, buildings, water reservoirs, subdivisions, airports, bridges, sewer systems, tunnels and dams. So choose Arkose Buildcom for your project as soon as possible.

Arkose Buildcom Construction Consultant

Construction Consultant

Construction consultants of Arkose Buildcom help you to make sound preparations for your upcoming projects and ensure that we complete the project on your affordable cost. We provide cost estimates, budgets, select the best eco-friendly materials. Arkose Buildcom resolve differences between contractors and project owners by providing you 10+ years experienced construction consultants. Our consultants also provide guidance and advice for your future plans and goals. We complete your project with perfection in affordable prices. Arkose Buildcom not only develops the project design but keep on modifying design until you satisfy.As per our 10+ years of experience, we provide you the best cost management by our consultants, which result in more transparency, good control during work and completing the project within the budget and on time.

Arkose Buildcom Interior Designing

Interior Designing

The interior designers of Arkose Buildcom have been transforming ordinary offices, spaces, houses, hotels, restaurants etc into masterpieces for more than 10 years. Interior designing is visual art because it is all about playing with colours, goods and styles. Our interior designers have successfully delivered 500+ project before the deadlines. Our clients often give feedbacks for appreciation and tell us how impressive the interior of their houses, offices and more. The expert interior designers of Arkose Buildcom can make indoor spaces of your property more beautiful with their creative ideas by selecting essential decorative items such as colours, lighting, paintings, furniture etc. Arkose Buildcom is with you in interior designing to bring order and coherence to your projects.

Arkose Buildcom Project Planning

Project Planning

A good project planning is the key for fast development within the budget. The project planning by Arkose Buildcom can easily improve the work efficiency and effective material management, which helps you to save a lot of your efforts and money. In Arkose Buildcom, the project planning of difficult areas of a project looks very simple. We are providing a brief idea how to make your project planning simple and effective -
(i) Our Experts Create the Schedule for Your Projects.
(ii) We Set our Daily, Weekly and Monthly Targets and Prioritize them.
(iii) We Identify the Problems in a Risk Task.
(iv) We Review and Modify the Project Plan according to your needs.

So do not compromise to adopt the best project planning by Arkose Buildcom for your all project.

Arkose Buildcom Renovation


Thinking of doing renovation? Arkose Buildcom is at your service! We do house renovation, kitchen renovation, office renovation and much more. Renovation means to improve or modernize an old, damaged or defective your building or property. Whether you are thinking about a whole house renovation, or the renovation of your kitchen, bathroom, restaurant, office etc, the best designs by specialists of Arkose Buildcom will help you to think new ideas for enhancing the beauty and value of your home or property. As one of the highly experienced in the market for more than 10 years, Arkose Buildcom also assure that during our services we do not compromise with your comfort. We, throughout the renovation, provide you reliable cost information so that you will feel confident and happiness with Arkose Buildcom.

Arkose Buildcom Support 24*7

Support 24*7

What is the key to deliver the best client service during the project work? The answer is very often by providing critical operational support for 24*7 to your client by our experienced support team during the project and after the project accomplishment as well. In Arkose Buildcom, the roles of support team is performed by more senior level of experience and expertise professionals. Once our clients are living in their newly constructed or renovated home or other properties, Arkose Buildcom want you to love your home or property and feel that our clients have chosen the best company for your project which optimize your project cost and increase the value of your home or property.Never hesitate to call us and discuss your issues with our experts because Arkose Buildcom is always committed to your supporting by 24*7.

Arkose Buildcom Choose Us Because

Choose Us Because...

Arkose Buildcom having a team of expert architects and engineers. In Arkose Buildcom, we provide you the best affordable price for your construction work, interior designing, renovation and other services. we also have a team for your 24*7 support. We always listen to your all queries carefully and provide you the solutions. Our clients often contact us when they are willing to purchase or sell their properties and we have always satisfied our clients with the best prices. We advise our clients who want to sell their property to ensure that the property is clean and looking good in condition before the visit by clients, as this will have an impact on the mind of the buyer and our team as well in the first visit and also help you to get a good market price easily with less efforts in fewer time. Let's build your dream project with Arkose Buildcom.